WordPress – Arras Theme – Limited number of categories shown in header

The nice looking header for the Arras theme provides a sleak dropdown list function for the hierarchy of your categories.

When I started adding posts to my site the header list updated accordingly and everybody was happy, until at some point I noticed that the header menu was not updating according to new categories and sub categories that I was creating.

I tried all I could to fix this, thought that my categories had “bad” names and tried changing them back and forth.

It wasn’t until I started looking through the php code backing this theme up that I found the bug. Arras has a “hardcoded” maximum number of categories to show in the header menu (I have no idea why, nor why nobody has complained).


  • On your server, browse to the folder: /wp-content/themes/arras-theme
  • Open the header.php file
  • Browse to line 111 (that is the line number in my file, it might be different for whatever version you have). It is the line that contains wp_list_categories(‘number=11&hierarchical=1&orderby=id&hide_empty=1&title_li=’);
  • Change the property number=11 to anything you want, I chose 111

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