DIY Kitchen Design and Remodeling Plan, on a Shoestring Budget!

With all the time we spend in the kitchen, it is no wonder that every several decades, we itch for a new look. In case you have an older home, your kitchen might have appliances that don’t match – that almond refrigerator you purchased several years back, using the stainless steel dishwasher plus a stove in that yellow-gold colour so well known in the 70s. You are certainly up for a shift! However, a kitchen remodel is one of the priciest projects you can tackle. So, what’s a viable alternative?

You do not have to be a master carpenter or interior designer to do a kitchen makeover that’s nothing short of magnificent. If you properly arrange your DIY design and remodelling project, you can divide your kitchen remodel into several chunks, done over a period of time. Now we’re talking.

It can be difficult to envision the look you desire. A good place to begin planning your DIY kitchen design and remodelling job is at the library. Page through the house decorating magazines. Look for issues that concentrate on kitchen designs. There are also magazines dedicated to the kitchen. Notice different structures, colour schemes and features, like pantries, islands, breakfast bars and light which you find appealing. Of course, you might be unable to fit everything you want or like into your kitchen design, however, these magazines will provide all of the food for thought you’ll want. Photocopy pages of kitchens using specific qualities you want to integrate into your DIY kitchen design and redesign. Pencil in notes of colour schemes and note the producers of specific products (normally in the index) that you like.

Pay a visit to your local DIY centre. Assess particularly in the kitchen display section for even more ideas. Go online too. With this preparatory work out of the way, you ought to have a large portfolio of inspiring ideas. Take a peek at wallpaper collections.

The following step in carrying out your DIY kitchen design and remodelling project is your daydreaming phase. Sort out the pictures of your dream kitchens and choose which components would be the must-haves and which can be impractical in the scope of your project, either because of cost or distance constraints. You’ll want to measure your current kitchen, marking in cupboards and countertops and windows that will remain stationary.

Let’s say you have your heart set on new paint and flooring, matching appliance covers, fresh cabinet facings and countertop sheets, monitor lighting, an island and a window. Wow! Sounds ambitious. Now let’s break down this makeover into different projects, done over a time period. The concept is to arrange each task such your budget permits completion, while maintaining your kitchen usable during that period of time, as much as possible.

In this scenario, you would probably want to organize your DIY kitchen design and remodelling job as follows:

1. An oil-based paint makes it easy to wash the walls but also takes longer to dry than acrylic paint. Start early in the afternoon on a warm, bright day. Any spills or splashes on the floor or countertops won’t matter, as you are going to be replacing these in a future portion of this project. (This may be a Fantastic night for a take-out pizza. )

2. Change out your appliance covers and install the track light. Both these elements need little time, effort or expense. Track lighting usually comes pre-wired.

3. Lay down your brand new countertops. Laminates are a snap. Tile is somewhat more time-consuming but may be achieved at a weekend.

4. Install your new cabinet facings. Unfinished facings cost less and maybe stained to match exactly in your chosen colour scheme. Unless your kitchen is rather big, with many cupboards, this component of your DIY kitchen design and remodelling project should be only a one or two-day weekend project.

5. You will want to build and install your kitchen island now. To minimize clutter, cut each of the lumber in the garage. When you put in your new flooring, you’ll save a little money on flooring materials because the island will cover several square feet.

6. Your kitchen makeover is very near finished! Now’s the time for the new flooring. This step of your DIY kitchen design and remodelling shouldn’t take over a day.

7. Now, put tempered glass shelving into your freshly painted windows. Set up strands of fresh herbs on the lowest shelf, with a few vining or trailing plants around the highest shelf.

If you are interested in even more DIY-related articles and information from us here at Parletts Expressions, then we have a lot to choose from.

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