Why is Drinking Water Important For Health?

Why is water important for health? We humans can survive for some weeks without food, but we would perish within days without water! Boost your consumption of water and just watch your health improve dramatically!

Have you ever promised yourself a healthier intake of water and stuck with it for a while? Can you recall how you felt? Did you notice what happened to your skin, your eyes, and your inner clean feeling? What did the scales say? Yes the fantastic bonus, it is going to help you shed these ponds! But how we take this precious luxury for granted!

Consider this: Our bodies are made up of 60% water, which is enormous! And we shed roughly 0.3 liters (about half a pound ) through breathing alone, so how active are you? What climate do you live in? Just how much water are you losing? We need water for good digestion, elimination of toxins and waste, lubrication for eyes and joints as well as for our own bodies to control their own temperature!

OK so water can be somewhat boring, but I have to say induce yourself! Drinking at least 2 minutes of water each day (longer if you are extremely active or living in a hot climate) can help you shed weight! As soon as we rise in the morning, our own body has worked hard to soothe and balance, that’s why we have the dreaded morning breath, etc, ugh! OK but this is good, so let’s help our system work to its greatest capacity and give it a rest. We are always in such a rush in the morning, we awaken and rush around putting breakfast and caffeine into our own bodies as quickly as we can, (more toxins) therefore our system is taxed again, working hard to compensate for our ignorance!

So on rising, try out some hot water with lemon to help flush out the toxins and waste, you may be a little irritated but it’s short-lived, maintain the water moving, breath deep, and think about how you are helping yourself! Give your body what it craves, it will love you for it and reward you! If you feel that will perish without meals, take fruit, eat slowly, and enjoy it! Keep topping up with all the water. (Take note of how many times you need to visit the restroom, this is your body flushing waste)

Don’t attempt this when you’ve got a heavy schedule or you’re feeling pressured, save it for the weekend or a time when you can go at your own pace. If you would like to give in do, and try again the following day gradually extending the time, should you need the java to have it but take more water afterward?

So have you made it to lunch? Drink a few glasses of water 20 minutes before eating, it is going to help suppress your appetite a little and more importantly allow you to digest your food properly.

Great, enjoy exactly what you want, but remember if you eat loads of crap you’ll simply become tired and your entire body is taxed again! Try combining, eat possibly carbohydrates with salad for lunch, (potatoes or decent wholemeal bread) Drink more water through the afternoon and then a good quality protein and salad or vegetables for dinner! Try not to drink with your meals, it just makes digestion slower!

OK seem I’m not saying eat spaghetti with beef, or the faithful roast together with everything on it (my personal favorite) all I’m trying to get over for you is if you give your body a rest and help it out, you will benefit! You will lose weight and you’ll feel great! Your own body will be working the way it was designed to, and not under constant pressure, imagine how that pressure is taxing your health. Just try a little for a little while and see what you understand about yourself and your body, and the way it responds! Take it slow, record what you eat and how you feel, they allow me to know!

Learn to listen to your body, after foods how do you really feel? Are you familiar or are you tummy fighting, do you feel tired, is the body taxed? How do you feel if you try different combinations of food, and how does it feel as if you drink the right amount of water. Your body is precious, if you learn how to take notice when it is uncomfortable and provide it with the rest it needs, your health will improve, and you will turn the clock back! Take action now

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