What To Do if Your Dental Crown Falls Off

A complete “cap,” also known as a “crown,” is used to cover a damaged or damaged tooth. A crown can also be utilized to improve the appearance and shape of a tooth that has been damaged. The possibility of covering the implant by crowns to cover an implant with a crown improves its practicality and gives it the appearance of teeth.

Even after a long time, the crown may become loose or fall off. Maintaining healthy teeth is the most critical step you can take to prolong the life of the dental crown. Dental disease can weaken the teeth or the bone that holds the tooth crown in its place, which can cause it to lose its position.

Steps to Take To Save Your Crown and Teeth

When your tooth crown is missing, you should seek immediate treatment from emergency dental care in Edmonton. If you cannot schedule an appointment until the next day, if your dental crown falls off during the weekend or late at night, don’t worry. You’ll be fine. Here are some things you can do if it occurs:

Examine for damage to the dental crown.

When your tooth crown is missing, You’ll need to understand what you should do based on the crown’s state. Locate the crown if you can. Examine the damage. It’s a good sign if there’s no tooth in the crown that is easy to reattach when your dentist can see the damage quickly. It’s normal to find a tiny amount of metal in height. It’s the crown’s post and helps it stay attached to the tooth.

Clean the crown and ensure it is kept clean.

It is possible to use mild soap and water to wash the crown gently if you have it. It could still have cement that acts as an adhesive to secure the crown on your teeth. Make sure it’s stored in a safe location, like an empty plastic bag. Make sure to take it with you to your next appointment with your dentist.

Make sure to keep your teeth safe. 

If you had a crown placed on it would likely safeguard a tooth that has been damaged. If the dental crown is broken, it is essential to protect the healthy tissue beneath it. There’s a possibility that the tooth’s nerve and sensitive tissue have been exposed.

You can buy temporary adhesive from an Edmonton general dentistry drugstore. The adhesive should be cautiously applied to the tooth following the packaging’s instructions. To further protect the tooth, dental wax can be used.

Avoid eating food that may damage your exposed teeth. 

Certain foods can dislodge the cement, opening the tooth, causing damage to the tooth’s underlying structures, even though it’s temporarily covered. If you lose a dental crown it is a good idea to avoid eating anything hard or chewy. Foods that are extremely hot or cold may cause discomfort. Beware of these foods until you visit your dentist to restore the crown.

Consult your dentist as soon as possible.

Suppose your tooth crown falls off; the most helpful thing is to contact a dentist. There are dental clinics open seven days a week, like Azarko Dental in Edmonton. Inform them of the incident, and your dentist will ask if you still are wearing the crown and how it’s performing. Your dentist can guide the most effective option you can take and also schedule an appointment to replace it.

The Takeaway

If your crown falls out, you will not be the first or the last person to do it. It’s easy to reattach it when it’s not damaged. The most important thing is to protect your teeth, clean the crown and then call an experienced dentist to make an appointment so that the crown can be fitted or replaced.

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