Your Pet at the Boarding Facility: 5 Things to Remember

If you plan, you may be able to reduce your anxiety about leaving your pet at home while you travel. There are ways to make travel with pets easier, whether you board them or hire a pet sitter. Here is some advice to help you choose the right solution and prepare your pet for his stay.

Carefully select your pet’s boarding facility.

The most convenient alternative for many owners is the boarding facility located near their residence. It’s important to remember that proximity alone isn’t enough to determine whether or not a given location is ideal for your pet. You should find a place to stay that also provides for the care of your pet, as boarding facilities differ greatly in terms of amenities and services.


Seek out testimonials from those you trust first. You might know someone who has gone boarding and enjoyed their experience. This doesn’t imply it’s the best place for your pet; you should still have a look around and ask plenty of questions about his living arrangements, activities, and anything else they provide. Read up on the establishments you are considering by checking their internet ratings and then going to each one in person. If you want a goog example of a good animal boarding facility, see here

Do not alter your pet’s diet.

Many pet owners, especially those who have never boarded their pets before, worry that their animals will have to settle for the food provided by the facility. But that’s not how it works at all. Vets generally advise feeding your pet his regular food to prevent tummy distress. So, if the facility you pick doesn’t serve the type of cuisine he’s used to eating, you’ll be able to bring your own!

Get your pet’s preventive care in order before boarding.

Most boarding schools will have requirements for your pet to meet before moving in. The focus here is on preventative care for him. To reduce the spread of disease in a crowded boarding facility, most establishments demand proof of vaccinations and flea prevention from pet owners.


Your pet may be denied boarding if these are missing. Make sure he’s in good health, up to date on his preventative medicine, and free of parasites like fleas, ticks, and worms before bringing him in for boarding.

Complete all paperwork before dropping off your pet.

A lot of paperwork needs to be completed in places like Badger veterinary hospital before your pet can board, just like when you leave your child with a babysitter. This will include specifics regarding his physical condition, dietary needs, food preferences, and demeanor. Write down your pet’s vital information and any other information you think would be important in an emergency.

Stay calm before leaving your pet in the boarding facility.

They’re making a rookie error if they make a big deal out of boarding their dogs. But if you shower your pet with praise and adoration, he’ll catch that something big is about to happen. This will make him uneasy immediately, and it will be much harder for him to relax in his temporary living situation.


Instead, act as though you were just leaving him for a few hours so that you could run errands or hit the gym. This will reinforce in his mind that you are returning, and he will calm down much more quickly.

Finishing Up

The elements above are merely guidelines for starting a conversation with the staff at the boarding facility about your pet’s specific requirements and behaviors. Inquire extensively, as every creature has different needs. Since nobody else is as familiar with your pet as you are, you must do your best.


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